Doors We Open is an interactive short film that tells the story of Wen, a young Chinese illustrator, on his return home to a single father after several years apart. The pair have a contentious relationship. Wen’s father, having failed as a musician in his youth, strongly opposes Wen’s creative aspirations and wants to protect his son from the same future. However, Wen refuses to pursue anything else but his dream, and resents his father for limiting him. Over their few days together, they revive old arguments, brood over past actions, and speculate on their futures. We experience their reflections, memories, and dreams through their individual perspectives as they attempt to reconnect and come to an understanding with one another.

Doors We Open experiments with interactivity in film to combine the meticulously controlled storytelling of traditional film and the agency and emotional investment evoked by an immersive game.

This screen-based interactive film alternates between live action shot sequences and virtual 3D gameplay. The live action scenes depict reality, centering around the domestic drama and tension between father and son, while the virtual sequences explore the subconscious mind and glimpses of the memories of our characters. These are stylized dream sequences where the audience will become an active participant that can interact with artifacts and memories that tell a deeper story.

Interactivity is not used here to affect the outcome of the story, but to allow viewers the agency to investigate the deeper emotional architecture at their own pace to develop empathy towards both characters’ perspectives in a clash of culture and generations.
2021 Interactive Film 

Tools : Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Ableton, Tortoise SVN

Roles: Modeling and Texturing Architecture & Prop Assets, Spatial Audio creation and interactivity

Director: Kevin Peter He
Writers: Jessica Shen & Kevin Peter He
Producer: David Woon
Cinematography: Isabel Padilla
Production Design: Bethany Yeap
3D Artists & Game Design: Jason Xu, Nick Gregg, Wyatt Zhu
Music & Sound: Cody Dear, Elias Jarzombek, Nick Gregg
Executive Producers: Winslow Porter & Joyce Keokham
Technical Supervisor: Todd Bryant
Illustrator: Jeremy Leung
Assistant Director: Grace Kim
Associate Producer: Zeng Yi
2D Artist: Peter Phan
Unreal Developer: Xuelong Mu
Sound Mixer: Rhea Li
1st AC: Tommy Chan
2nd AC: Mika Lungulov
Gaffer: Viola He
Production Assistant: Jasmine Chang
Hair Styling: Kevin Woon
Makeup: Emma Ando