Portakal is an audiovisual exploration into the origins of meaning through repetition. 

The petri dish is filled with the environment liquid which serves as the ground and colored liquid material is sequentially added. In parallel, the composition begins with the repetition of the turkish word portakal, slowing unraveled into a sequence of sounds that provides the bed for what is to come.

With each repetition a new object is introduced to the ground. The ground defines the object by making it a part of itself through its specific rules of growth and decay. Each new object arrives into a ground that bears traces of former objects' experience of being. 

Portakal is a simulation of our life cycles and how we are instances within a repetitive processes of cultural and evolutionary  accumulation.

2019 Live Performance at Culturehub NYC

In collaboration with Bora Aydintug and Shu-Ju Lin

Tools :  Liquid Mixtures, Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton