Your Hometown is a podcast centered around the childhood stories of prominent guests, discovering how their lives are shaped by where and when they were from. Each season focuses on a different city with this season focused on New York and guests ranging from Neil DeGrasse Tyson to Sigourney Weaver.

I worked primarily as the art director for the first season, developing the aesthetic and drawings/animations that paired with each guest. 

I also worked as a story editor for a few episodes and developed the UX and design for an initial iteration of an in-development app building off the themes within the Your Hometown universe.

2020 - 2021

Art Director for
Your Hometown Podcast

Developed in collaboration with Robert Krulwich and Kevin Burke Productions 

Tools :  Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe XD

Each drawing focused on a decisive moment within their childhood that defined their path foward, from Neil looking up to the moon for the first time to Sherrilyn Ifill witnessing Barbara Jordan at the Watergate hearings.   

Stylistically, I drew upon the visual historical context of when these events were occuring in the guest’s lives, and also the emotional energy from the guest’s retelling during the interviews. 

The ultimate goal was to create images that would leave the viewer with a question, a visual hook answered by listening through the interviews.   Each drawing took multiple iterations and was reformated to serve the different marketing platforms.

Maps marking significant childhood moments